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I truly enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. It was a very interactive workshop and gave me many practical advice how to make my every day life happier and how to be a better person. It also offered me different perspectives to think about the world. Sid has a very engaging and interactive style. I highly recommend it for everyone!”

Dora Kurimay




Sid's happiness class teaches the fundamentals of leading and building a happier life. The class provides students with a plethora of resources and tools that can easily be integrated into day to day life. Sid is a passionate instructor who allows each student to go through the class on his or her own terms.  In a society where it is socially acceptable to spend money on a gym membership in the pursuit of physical well being, I highly recommend to take this class in your pursuit of mental well being."

Kerri Aidikoff




Highly recommended to boost your energy and develop new tools to maximize your happiness and understand how others think about relevant real life situations.”

Jacques Alazraki




One of the best classes I've taken. It's been about two weeks since I took the class and I still feel the effects. Somewhere in all the discussions and exercises we did was a quick fix for me, and I now feel more accepting of myself and more courageous in pursuing the things I want to pursue. It honestly feels like a whole new world for me. A class that can produce lasting personal change in one session is a gem indeed, I encourage anyone with even the mildest curiosity to take this class. You will get something out of it.”

Nony Chukwuogo




Great interactive class with a dynamic and engaging professor!”

Adela Khadir




Sid is LEGEN (wait for it) DARY.”

Derek Flanzraich




Sid goes deep in a very short amount of time and really puts things in different perspectives. He gives you the tools to literally become happier. I would highly recommend this class. ”

Will Earls




I thought Sid's class was really exceptional. His teaching style is very conversational and engaging. His insights were valuable and I walked away implementing many of the things he taught the same day. Can a class teach you happiness? It sure can.”

Angela Matthews




Sid's happiness workshop is a wonderful experience. He really encourages his students to think about what happiness means to them personally. Plus, he has some great practical tips for learning to appreciate what we already have. Above all, Sid is a humanist, and teaches his students to seek happiness in their relationships with others. I'd recommend this class to anyone who's ever wanted to feel just a little bit happier!

Shana Lebowitz




Sid's Happiness Workshop was a breath of fresh air. The class left each person with a new perspective on happiness and a new attitude towards everyday life. He made us all think through interesting concepts, gave us useful tips, and provided a toolbox of techniques to help make our daily lives fuller and happier.

Meg Costello




I think it's important to treat yourself to three hours of learning a fresh approach and perspective on happiness with Sid. I found the class to be incredibly self-nurturing and Sid's positive energy was definitely contagious. It felt more like an open discussion with friends than a class, and I can guarantee you'll leave with useful tools to incorporate into your way of thinking and view on life. Looking forward to my next class with Sid!”

Dee Echevarría




For both those who are openly searching for the key to life, and those who are too cynical to believe there is really a way to find "true happiness," Sid's class is worth a shot. This class on happiness makes you really think about what you care about to find what happiness means to you. With various strategies that make you look at your life using a different perspective and a change in semantics, you will see that whatever it is you might be looking for to bring you happiness you might have already possessed all along.”

Noa Krawczyk




Sid's class was really great because he talks about things that are actually doable in your everyday life to help increase your happiness. He brings to light things you probably knew in the back of your head, but never thought to act on or put effort toward. I've known Sid for years, and he's probably the nicest, most genuine person I've ever met, and this class helped me see why, and how maybe I can be more like that some day. Take this class, it's worth a couple hours out of your busy schedule to help yourself!”

Melissa Kyle




Amazing class. Very counterintuitive, simple and yet complicated, but most importantly - honest and practical.”

Olga Inglis




This class was great, Sid is such a positive person to be around and taught us great tips and techniques. He made sure we all participated and provided us with valuable insight. He does a lot of research and recommended several interesting books and other research. Looking forward to taking his next class!”

Alison C.




This was an amazing experience. Sid created an environment that was fun and inspired active discussion and learning. The tools he gave were very practical and useful. For me, especially the beginning of the class was very impactful and surprising. I actually got so happy on the first exercise that tears came out of my eyes. :) I not only felt like it helped me realize many good things in my life but I also made some new friends. Thanks Sid! ”

Bernardo Feitosa




Sid is attentive, charismatic and knows his stuff. The class teaches valuable, practical tools on how to better yourself and others. Although Sid does not promise anything, you walk away from this class with satisfied expectations and a great experience.”

Joel Kosh




Sid is happy, it is clear and he has spent time trying to understand why. Thank you for sharing your very helpful tools”

Kerry Miller




An excellent and tailored-to-you workshop that explores happiness in a thoughtful way, and leaves you with much more than you came with.”

Ayo Oppenheimer




His wonderful experience which is inspiring, his teaching method which is innovating and fun, it's really a good experience to be led by Sid to explore the real definition of happiness in a smooth conversation companion with discussion and reflection.”

Zhige Li




This was a fantastic Saturday morning activity and I left feeling wonderful. I actively incorporated some of the skills I learned during this course and my base level of happiness has increased overall. Through this interactive class, I learned sustainable methods to help me cope with getting out of a "funk." Thanks, Sid!”

Jennifer Hochstadt




Sid is great and the class was awesome! He teaches in a linear, logical and straightforward way which makes it easy for students to follow his line of reasoning and relate to the concepts he is bringing. I love the class and recommend it!”

Renata Schlesinger




During the whole morning, Sid taught us how to be happy , even though he just got off the airplane at 4 am and did not sleep much. I was moved by his spirit to help others be happy. And his tips are very useful! I will keep them in mind and make myself be happy as much as possible.”

Yuanli Xia




Sid has a great ability to communicate his worldview to others in a way that allows us to understand that we can be happy just for the sake of being happy.”

Jordan Phoenix




Sid is an outstanding instructor and he was particular engaging in this class due to the generalized interest in the topic and his enthusiasm. The truth is that everyone seeks happiness and the class helps us make a deeper introspection about what happiness really means and provides some simple techniques to help people lead a happier life. Most techniques are somewhat simple to implement and can have an important contribution in one's happiness. The important key for the audience to understand is that while the techniques are simple, it does require effort. The key is to understand that Sid has made some of those steps easier based on years of research in the topic. I would strongly recommend this class to everyone regardless of age, gender, and lifestyle.”

Flavio Andrade




Sid held a very engaging and uplifting class on Saturday. It was filled with new ideas and ways of looking things in our day lives with a different perspective. I would recommend taking this class. ”

Danielle Krause




Sid is an outstanding teacher. He has a unique and engaging style of teaching. I was skeptical coming into the class as happiness is a hard topic to teach without coming off as a know-it-all or preachy. Sid surpassed my expectations by framing the class in a way that allowed his students to come to their own conclusions. The best part was that Sid was open to us challenging his ideas and even encouraged us to challenge him. Sid made everyone feel extremely welcome and comfortable. Most of all I enjoyed his analogies, sense of humor and unique/fun way of teaching. Sid has a special talent for teaching, and I have no doubt that all of this other classes are just as impactful.”

Faran Dulberg




Sid is a warm and attentive teacher. He took what could easily have been a cheesy topic, and turned it into a surprisingly practical and fun lesson. His extensive traveling gives him a unique perspective on happiness. I'd suggest this class for anyone who wants to have a fun few hours, and leave with some simple ideas that might just improve the way you perceive day to day experiences. ”

Sarah Levinson




Anyone would enjoy this class, as everyone can benefit from a little more happiness. Sid leads a great, interactive discussion and backs up his easy-to-implement recommendations with a manageable dose of science & research. Thank you Sid!”

Viviane Sabat




I thoroughly enjoyed Sid's "nurturing happiness" class. Sid did a great job presenting viable techniques to employ to improve one's happiness. Sid's class had the immediate effect of putting me in an incredible mood thru some of the techniques that really had a strong impact on me emotionally, and a few weeks later, I can honestly say that I have been happier overall more so than I had been in the few weeks prior to the class.”

Jeffrey Feder




Happiness is something that everyone struggles with. While Sid modestly states that he possesses no silver bullet, he does have excellent tools. Anyone taking this class will leave with a clearer state of mind and confidence. He has excellent, practical methods that will allow one sustain a golden feeling for oneself and others -- without being idealistic. I highly recommend Sid's class. It was a joy. ”

Robert Jewell




This class was awesome! Sid is not only passionate about helping others live happier lives, but he gives tons of great tips on how to do things every day to improve your happiness baseline. Lots of great analogies too! I highly recommend this class and Sid as a teacher!”

Shir Aviv

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