In September 2014, I started the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at UPenn. I'm still living and working full time in New York while participating in the program. However, I am placing the Happiness Workshops on hold until the end of the program. Nonetheless, I am still available for privately scheduled workshops and talks.

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About Sid

What is it?

What to Expect



3 hour workshop

15-20 proven techniques

a more smileful life

How it works

The class is held as a 3-hour round table workshop.

There will be no less than 2 and no more than 8 people participating. This is done to guarantee a top quality experience where the session will cater to every individual.

You will be  introduced to 15-20 techniques based on the needs and wants of the group. We will work through each technique as a group and learn how to apply them.

What to Expect

Expect to take part in an upbeat workshop, with plenty of smiles and heart-warming experiences.

Expect to be  engaged in the workshop and to be asked to give the different ideas presented an honest chance.

Expect to leave the workshop with optional homework. The more you do during and after the workshop, the more you'll gain from it.

What NOT to Expect

Do NOT expect a Silver Bullet. Happiness is not a cookie cutter science.

Do NOT expect all techniques to resonate with you. Some techniques will resonate with you more than others.

As such, you will be introduced to what Sid calls, the Happiness Tool Belt. It has happiness tools for every person, and most situations.

One of the best classes I've taken. It's been about two weeks since I took the class and I still feel the effects. Somewhere in all the discussions and exercises we did was a quick fix for me, and I now feel more accepting of myself and more courageous in pursuing the things I want to pursue. It honestly feels like a whole new world for me. A class that can produce lasting personal change in one session is a gem indeed, I encourage anyone with even the mildest curiosity to take this class. You will get something out of it.”

Nony Chukwuogo


Great interactive class with a dynamic and engaging professor!”

Adela Khadir


Sid's happiness workshop is a wonderful experience. He really encourages his students to think about what happiness means to them personally. Plus, he has some great practical tips for learning to appreciate what we already have. Above all, Sid is a humanist, and teaches his students to seek happiness in their relationships with others. I'd recommend this class to anyone who's ever wanted to feel just a little bit happier!

Shana Lebowitz


Sid's Happiness Workshop was a breath of fresh air. The class left each person with a new perspective on happiness and a new attitude towards everyday life. He made us all think through interesting concepts, gave us useful tips, and provided a toolbox of techniques to help make our daily lives fuller and happier.

Meg Costello


Sid goes deep in a very short amount of time and really puts things in different perspectives. He gives you the tools to literally become happier. I would highly recommend this class. ”

Will Earls


I thought Sid's class was really exceptional. His teaching style is very conversational and engaging. His insights were valuable and I walked away implementing many of the things he taught the same day. Can a class teach you happiness? It sure can.”

Angela Matthews


About Sid

Sid has delivered talks, classes and workshops since 2003 in three different continents.

He holds an MBA from Purdue University & from Leibniz Universitãt and a BA from Boston University, where he received the highest leadership award in his graduating class.

He is the founder of I Embrace You, an award winning  community building non-profit in Boston, in operation since 2005.

For more please check: www.guywiththesmile.com



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